HVAC stands for “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning” and encompasses indoor environmental adjustments for the sake of comfort and safety. HVAC systems are almost always made out of sheet metal, as it is an easily formable, versatile and resistant lightweight material. African Supplies provides all the equipment needed to create sheet-metal HVAC Ducting. Sheet-Metal HVAC ducting is a large umbrella, as there are many methods of manufacture and final product options. With tooling from African Supplies, you can take advantage of Auto Line roll forming to create a variety of TDC ducting, TDF Ducting, and spiral ducting.


HVAC is essentially a system of interconnecting pipes and outlets that run through a building. This system is connected to a compressor and heat exchanger mounted somewhere outside the building. The compressor and heat exchangers either cool or heats and conditions the air in it, and distributes this conditioned air throughout the building through the system of air ducts. In most cases the HVAC system is installed to create comfort. That is, keep temperatures warm in cooler months and keep them warm in cooler months. However in some cases, HVAC may be a safety requirement to ensure breathable working conditions for those inside.


Our tooling can provide you with the means to make sheet-metal HVAC ducting. At African Supplies we can provide specialised tooling including:

  • • Lock Former
  • • HVAC Folder
  • • Whisper Lock
  • • Plasma Cutters
  • • Roof Sheeting

All of our tooling is compliant with drawing plans made in CAMDUCT, and with some staff training and set up you will be able to start roll forming you sheet-metal HVAC ducting in no time. With African Supplies, you have access to:

1. Square Ducting
Ideal running inside walls and maximising the use of square architecture, our machinery can fold and lock all manner of square ducting

2. Round Ducting
The ideal shape for industrial application, round ducting give the most available cross sectional area for the least amount of sheet metal used.

3. Specialist Application
Our experienced consultants are ready and standing by to assist in as aspect of your new sheet-metal HVAC ducting tools. Whether you need help with staff training ar getting the machine set up, you have our support system to assist you With Relis Systems, you are one phone call away from your won sheet-metal HVAC Ducting machinery. Contact us today.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

Relis Systems does full HVAC full system installations providing its own staff from procurement, project management, supervision and engineering. The installations can be done on various HVAC systems including extract systems, split systems, variable refrigeration volume (VRV) systems, packed units, constant volume and variable volume chilled water systems. In addition, the systems include all necessary electrics, accessories and controls. The essence of heating, ventilation and air conditioning is to help maintain good indoor quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. We offer, supply, install and commission full HVAC systems and provide much-needed preventative maintenance. We are also involved in the drawing up of preventative maintenance schedules to various HVAC equipment and systems.

HVAC System Maintenance

We provide comprehensive maintenance to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration plants and equipment and also involved in the drawing up of preventative maintenance schedules to various HVAC equipment and systems.